Programme of work

Please see the groups work programme for 2017 below

We invite you to come along and help us out at any of the items below. Please use the contact page to get in touch should you wish to help us out or attend any of our events, work days  or meetings.






QUESTIONS / NOTES.                                                                                                                    Any work day rained of will go forward to the next available Sunday or members can catch up in the evenings.                                                                                                                  Definition of the use of term “Single Bramble Cut ” means individual brambles in wild flower areas to stop them becoming Large stands.                                                                    With regards to existing large stands of Brambles, we only skirt there perimeter once a year ( Sept) to stop them spreading. The group has made room at several locations to increase Bramble stands for the wildlife.

Following Ecologist Management Plan.                                                                                         See Management Plan header and click to see full Ecologists management plan.    Suggested order Re Appendix Woodland edge ( defined as first 30 feet of wood ).  Following Ecologist Management Plan. Remove all Ash up to 2 inch diameter. RemoveSycamore.Remove 1 to 2 in 5 trees, through all species.coppice 1 in 5

CHORLEY COUNCIL SUPPORT .                                                                                             Felling Sycamore Trees or tree stumps over 6 inch diameter & treating.                            Weed killing Reed Canary Grass.                                                                                                         Date for weed killing, around 15th May, pending growing season.                                           Group to mark perimeter of areas for weed killing.

E) WORK DAYS.                                                                                                                        Meet at the kissing gate just before the Recycling centre 10am, or at the pond kissing gate.

May – Thursday 18th May Evening walk Meet 6-15PM. Euxton Mills – Pincock.??

Thursday 8th June – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

June – Sunday 4th, coach trip to Trentham Gardens.                                           Click on coach trip header at the top of this page to see details.

June – Sunday 11th. Public Balsam Bash day.                                                                        Remove None Natives – As Per Ecologist Management Plan.                                                    Click this link  for details     LBMCG ( G ) WORK DAY ADVERT 1

June – Sunday 18th June. Meadow awareness day – 9am till 3 pm.          

Thursday 13th July – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

July – Sunday 16th. Balsam Bash.                                                                          Network Challenge is coming to this work day to talk to members and make a film of members working and various parts of the Meadow                          Remove None Natives – As Per Ecologist Management Plan.

July – Sat or Sun 22nd/23rd. Day time walk, Venue and times to be confirmed.

Thursday 17th August – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

August – Work Day Saturday 12th. Balsam Bash, Prune over hangs to Paths.  12 Young People from The Challenge are coming to help group members out. This work days runs from 11am to 5pm .                                                                Remove None Natives – As Per Ecologist Management Plan.

September – sat & Sun 10th & 11th. 9am till 3 pm. Probable Scarecrow Festival Dates.

September – Sunday 17th.                                                                                                    Cut meadow area 3. Strim Perimeter cut to chorley councils contracted cut area.

Thursday 21st September – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

September – Sunday 24th. Rake cuttings to areas contracter can pick up. Cut Live Hedges.

October – Saturday 14th.  Members attend to cut down flora round pond.           October – Sunday 15th Rake up round pond, cut growth to Willow stumps, cut Live hedges to meadow area, clean out nest boxes.

Thursday 19th October – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

November – sunday 19th.  Thin / coppice plock wood.                                                         As Per Ecologist Management Plan

Thursday 23rd November – Charnock Richard Football club 7pm.

November – Sunday 26th.  Coach trip, destination to be decided Aug 2017.

December – Thursday 14th – Charnock Richard Football Club 7pm                                            Groups Christmas do.

December – Sunday 17th. Remove Sycamore from woodland Pond to tip.           As Per Ecologist Management Plan.

December – in between Christmas and new year. Clean out nest boxes.















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