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The group was successful in an application to ‘I Dig Trees’ to receive a delivery of 300 Parkland and Wildlife & Shrubs, which arrived mid-January and will be temporarily planted during our January workday. We hope to incorporate these into a new Wildlife Hedge on the meadow, along with a further 400 trees due to arrive in March, following an application to the Woodland Trust.

January 2021

The meadow was a winter wonderland in early January – which was a very picturesque start to the New Year.

Winter 2020-21

Throughout the winter, volunteers have maintained the birdboxes and cleaned out the nests. Members have also fitted a number of nest box protection plates where predators have previously tried to enlarge the holes.

October 2020

The annual Meadow cut took place in September and the parts of the Meadow that were inaccessible were strimmed for us by the Rangers and then the members spent the October workday raking up the ‘arisings’.

April – September 2020

During the pandemic the volunteers managed to remove record numbers of Himalayan Balsam (as part of their daily exercise).

January – March 2020

The volunteers were working on woodland thinning – removing Sycamore and Ash saplings from the woodland (as per the Bowland Ecology management plan).

January 2020

All of our nest boxes have been checked and the old nesting material removed, ready for the new season’s activity. Here you can see an example of what one of our nest boxes contained before it was cleaned.

June 2019

On Sunday 16 June the group held a “Public Balsam Bash” where members of the public were invited to join us for our monthly workday. Six new volunteers came along and helped with the Himalayan Balsam removal, which made for a very enjoyable morning.

A few of our extra helpers

One of the piles of Balsam pulled up that morning.

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