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Lower Burgh Meadows Conservation Group welcome The Challenge Network members to a conservation work day each year.
The Challenge Network is a national charity that was founded in 2009.                            Their mission is to connect and inspire young people to strengthen their communities. They bring together local people across all generations, ethnic groups and incomes to build a stronger society.
“‘The Challenge is an intense four part programme for 15 – 17 year olds and is part of National Citizen Service (NCS). It is comprised of physical and team challenges and social action projects.
The Challenge brings together young people from very different backgrounds and through a series of challenges bonds them together and inspires them to take on more active roles in their communities.

Activities on the day included: raking the grass cuttings from the meadow to encourage wild flower growth next year, woodland thinning, dead hedge building, a guided walk and talk about the meadows wildlife, and history of the site.

The days end with The Welly Winging Championships held on the meadow. When loads of fun is had by all.

Group Chairman, Phil Nelson Said to see the young people working together in a harmonious, discipline manner was a delight to see, Challenge Network is a wonderful organisation who help the youngsters with a good start to their future lives.
Group Secretary, Eddie Langrish said , a delight to and well worth organising.
What a great bunch of Young People and Mentors from Challenge Network. Thanks to them for coming along to help us out and long may it continue.


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On arrival 29-09-2013  On arrival everyone was welcomed and given the Health and safety talk.

Tree Felling 29-09-2013   Woodland thinning #   Dead Hedge Build 29-09-2013 #   woodland thinning 29-09-2013  All aspects of tree felling, woodland thinning and  dead hedge building were covered during the day. Woodland thinning allows light to the woodland floor encouraging plant growth, whilst the dead hedge built from the cuttings is  excellent for insect shelter and hibernation,  roosting birds and a food source for much wildlife. Group Members Alex Town and Secretary Eddie Langrish took the woodland thinning  activity, along with Challenge Network mentors.

Raking Off #1 29-09-2013  Raking off #2 29-09-2013   Raking off #3                                Raking of arising’s from the meadow, helps stop rotting vegetation causing nutrients to seep into the ground which wild flowers do not like. As people rake, they also scarify the ground which aids seeds to be covered by soil, so helping germination of future Wild flowers. Group Members  John Cobham, Helen Waddilove, Ian Minion, Jill Jackson,  John Walker,  Karen Hartley, Rosy Russell, Vicky Adshead, help out with the raking and  a very successful day.

Back from the walk and talk 29-09-2013 Group Chairman Phil Nelson, Leads back a party from the Walk and Talk on Woodland Thinning, dead hedge building, the meadows wildlife and history of the site.

Group shot 29-09-2013 #4  Group shot, Challenge network Mentors and Teenagers,    Members of Lower Burgh Meadow Conservation Group,  Everyone  enjoyed the day.

Welly Winging Champions 29-09-2013   The final highlight of the day was :-                                                   The welly winging championships of September 2013. Results as follows :-

Champion adult female with a throw of 11.2 mtr  Group Member Jill Jackson.

 Champion adult male with a throw of 18.2 mtr, challenge Network mentor Paz Parekh

Champion  female teenager with a throw of 9.2 mtr, challenged network young person Sanna Akhtar

Champion male teenager with a throw of 17 mtr, challenge network young person Ant Ward.

See below, email exert to Lower Burgh Meadow Conservation Group  from Esther Wilks , manager  of Challenge Network Uk.

Sounds like Sunday went amazingly!  Both Nick and Paz came back full of positive stories about the day; really encouraging.  Nick was saying the partnership and day would be great to repeat again next year so I’m sure I’ll be in touch in spring time next year; we’ll be working on similar dates again.  Having so many people from your group present seems to have made a big difference to the success of the day,  so please thank your team on behalf of The Challenge. Paz also proudly showed me his prize – although maybe I now have grounds to challenge him on it!!,

See below, press write up from The Chorley Guardian.   Click image to enlarge.

Challenge Netwrok day Write up from Chorley Guardian 08-09-2013


Group members welcomed the Challenge to Lower Burgh Meadow for the second year.        The young people  were again fantastic to work with, showing ability, determination and    an interest in all aspects of the day.                                                                                                    There mentors were keen & very helpful in managing the high number of Teenagers.            The day went with out a hitch, cloudy dry warm conditions.                                                        Activities included Raking of Arisings from the cut wild flower meadow, woodland thinning, dead hedge building, with the WELLY WINGING CHAMPIONSHIPS to end the day.                                                                                                                                                               Pictures of the day as follows:-

Team Ward -Lower Burgh Meadow - 28-09-2014  Team Sabesan Lower Brgh Meadow 28-09-2014  Team Reiss Lower Burgh Meadow 28-09-2014  Team Edwards Lower Burgh Meadow 28-09-2014    Team Ward                   Team Sabeson              Team Reiss                    Team Edwards               Team Penham - Lower Burgh Meadow 28-09-2014  Dinner time - Lower Burgh Meadow 28-09-2014  Liz & her new Friend - Lower Burgh Meadow 28-09-2014  Resting before Welly winging 1   Team Penham             Dinner Time                  Liz with new friend      Rest before the welly                                                                                                                                Welly winging                                                                                                                                            Championships.              Welly Winging Champions 28-09-2014 - Lower Burgh Meadow    THE WELLY WINGING CHAMPIONS FOR 2014.  LEFT TO RIGHT.                                                                                                                                     Champion female teenager with a throw of 15 mtr, challenge network young person Zoe Mathers.  

Champion male teenager with a throw of 20.33 mtr, challenge network young person Alex Lane.

Champion adult male with a throw of 22.52 mtr, challenge Network mentor Olly.

Champion adult female with a throw of 11.4 mtrs Challenge Network Mentor Liz.

End of a successfull day - 28-09-2014 - Lower Burgh Meadow  The end of a very successful day Young people, mentors and group members.                                                                                                                                                   Members of Lower Burgh Meadow Conservation group, wish all the teenagers, all the best for their futures.                                                                                                                                       Come down and see us any-time.  Best wishes to you all

See below, press write up from The Chorley Guardian.   Click image to enlarge.

Chorley Guardian 08-10-2014

SEPTEMBER 2015.                


Here are some pictures of the day, each has text explaining the content. Click on Picture to enlarge.

.WP_20150920_017  WP_20150920_012  WP_20150920_031

WP_20150920_032  WP_20150920_050  WP_20150920_056

WP_20150920_059  WP_20150920_063  WP_20150920_064


This years welly winging contest, as always, proved great fun.

WP_20150920_090  WP_20150920_091  WP_20150920_094

Champion Welly Winger for 2015 pictures below.

WP_20150920_095Champion Welly Winger 2015

An other point of interest, was The Red Arrows were displaying at Southport and they buzzed over the meadow on Saturday 18th September, to fast to get a photo, But Group Member John Cobham, was at the air show, taking the below photo.


Group Members wish to again thank, all the Young People from Network Challenge for helping us out at our very busy time of year.


Team Edwards came to the meadow to help out the group with a work day. After introductions they were taken for a walk round the meadow.
The team take a moment out from the walk to take the below photo.

Team Edwards helped the group to clear branches overhanging the paths on the meadow.

After dinner the team help us clear Willow Scrub from in the Reed Canary grass area of the meadow. The team did a great job and work well together.
The before & after pictures below, really don’t show the amount of scrub that was cleared, a great job carried out.
Thanks again to NCS the challenge for helping us out on the day and for the fun & laughs we had with them.
See you next year.
Before pic

Having a break

After Pic






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