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The group has been awarded a green partnership Award, from Lancashire County Council.

With the monies we Have   :-
1) Made the bench area a hard standing, much dryer for sitting on.
2)Built  a bigger catchment pond to the area.
3)Built   Dead hedges , under the willows opposite the
bench , dead hedges are known to shelter all types of
insect life, which are the foundation of woodland &
4)Help the wild flowers return to the bare ground
created by seeding & Plug Planting.
5)Widened & made  a section of path drier to walk on by
raising it’s level.

The project was carried out from –
Friday 9th May to Sunday 11th May 2014

Our first work day Sunday April 6th 

Group Members coppiced Willows, built a dead hedge, known to be good shelter for insect life, the foundation of most habitats.

Dead Hedge - pond to be area before work 06-04-2014  Work Day 06-04-2014 # Work day 04-06-2014 #1 Dead Hedge - pond to be area after 06-04-2014

Alistair work day 06-04-2014

Work days Friday to Sunday 9th to 11th May 2014.

Friday 9th May – Group Members dug out the Pond area.                                                           The bench area was dug out to & some hardcore placed, with drains fitted.

George starting dig 09-05-2014  George starting Bench Area 09-05-2014  Stone Delivery 09-05-2014  Bench area etc 09-05-2014    Alex having fun 09-05-2014  Alex with Track Barrow 09-05-2014  Building Dam for pond area 09-05-2014  Pond dig out 09-05-2014 #    Pond Dig out finished 09-05-2014

Saturday 10th May – Groups members finished placing hardcore to the Bench area & to raise the path, then compacted the areas.                                                                                       Woodland thinned to supply Wood for and built the  Hibernacula.                                             Widened the path.

AND The rain filled the pond up over 36 hours.

Pond Dig out finished 09-05-2014  New Pond Full after 36 Hours 11-05-2014

Path before clearance 06-04-2014  Pathway widen 10-05-2014  John & Helen 10-05-2014 #  George driving the digger 10-05-2014

Andy Boarding Path 10-05-2014  Eddie Boarding path 10-05-2014  Which one asked for a lift 10-05-2014  Hibernacula builing 10-05-2014

Hibernacula builders 10-05-2014  Technical stuff going on 10-05-2014  Senoir Ranger John Bolton 10-05-2014 #

Sunday 10th May Members finished building the Hibernacula, moved the bench into persition.                                                                                                                                         Raked over bear areas, sowed wild flower seeds & planted Plug Plants supplied by Naturscapes of Nottingham, good quality and good service as always.                                       Then generally tidied up the area.

Hibernacula Built 11-05-2014 #    Pond Veiw from north end 11-05-2014  Pond veiw from south end 11-05-2014

Plug Plants 11-05-2014  Bench Painted and Placed 11-05-2014


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