Live hedge building 7th February 2016

Group members attended the work day to layer Willow to create a live hedge. This would help wildlife on the meadow by creating open spaces for ground flora to thrive, some Willows were coppiced, other were cut down and treated so they would not grow again, which in turn will help the  Reed canary Grass to thrive in the area.                         The coppice willow will be cut yearly to aid diversity in the area, allowing wildflowers and grasses to thrive.                                                                                                                                Live hedges do the same as  dead hedges, provide overwintering sites for adults, eggs and larva of many species. They also provide shelter for insects, nesting sites for birds, with their leaves providing food for the Larva of many species of moth on the meadow . It also provides a micro climate on its leeward side.

see pictures below – click on images to enlarge.

 Start of the work day, note the willow in the background.

 Members present for the day and one behind the camera too.

 Close up of work being carried out.

 Our work day coming to an end.

 The finished product of the groups labours.

Would you like to help out, please go to the contact page and get in touch.


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