Sycamore removal from woodland.

The ecologists management plan the group is working to states that all sycamore to be removed from the woodland on the edge of the meadow, as it is known as a none native species.                                                                                                                                                   By removing the Sycamore, which mostly makes up the under canopy of the woodland, there is much more light at the woodland floor, allowing flora to grow more readily, and also helps the Native trees grow to maturity, in time this will give us a better native woodland for the wildlife.

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 This picture shows an example of the woodland before Sycamore Clearance.

 and after Clearance.

 Group Members hard at work clearing, cutting and making Habitat piles.

Habitat Piles are great places for wildlife. Insects use them for shelter, breeding, and hibernation. Birds to feed, nest and roost in. Frogs, Toads and Newts use them as a cool shelter in the summer months and as hibernation sites over winter                                Habitat piles if built correctly, have a steady temperature in them over the winter months, due to the insulating properties of leaf mould and rotting wood, Steady low temperatures mean ideal overwintering conditions. Build one in your garden to help your wildlife flourish.

                                                                                                                        Groups member together at the end of a well worked day.   Left to right Eddie Langrish, Ian Minion, Liz Stansfield, Susan Clapham, Mike Brooks, Christine May, John Bannister.





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