RCG project

Reed Canary Grass is taking over Lower Burgh  Meadow, which in time would greatly lesson the diversity of the area.                                                                                                         With  talks with the Ranger service  at yarrow Valley , we  started a project to eradicate  some of the Reed Canary Grass  areas and bring them back  to wild flower Grassland.

Canary Reed Grass needs cutting three times in it’s growing season.                                   This method will eradicate some of the RCG , though all the area will be severely weakened, checking growth the following year and repeating cuts may be advisable.                                                                                                                                                                             We will also be removing  it from bramble areas, which if it was left in would take over those Bramble stands, reducing content of brambles on the meadow.

Below you can see what, how & were the group is working to full-fill this project that could last for 5 years plus.

TO DATE IN 2014 TO COVER THIS PROJECT WE HAVE HAD WORK DAYS ON                                                                                                                                         JANUARY 12 th & 19 th.                                                                                      FEBRUARY 9 th & 16 th.                                                                                              MARCH 8 th, 9 th & 11 TH.                                                                                                       APRIL 27 TH. JUNE 14TH.                                                                                                       JUNE 29TH. August 23rd.                                                                                                         September 14th & 29th

Bench Area before scrub removal 07-01-2014  Rain stoips play 25-01-2014  End of Work Day  12-01-2014 Scrub Clearance.jpg #

Work Day 12-01-2014 scrub Clearance #1  Work Day 12-01-2014 scrub Clearance #2  Work Day 25th Jan 2014

Canary Reed Grass in bramble 09-02-2014  Clearance cut #1 CRG  before strimming 27-04-2014  After Strimming 27-04-2014    Steve Jolly strimming # 27-04-2014  Steve Jolly Strimming 27-04-2014  Meadow Raking 27-04-2014  CRG 1 weeks growth taken 04-05-2014

Opposite the airfield 07-01-2014  Clearance Cut #2 CRG 09-02-2014  Ian Minion 16-02-2014

Before photo ( scrub Clearance 16-02-2014 #   After poto - scrub clearance 16-02-2014 #  Helen, scrub Clearing 16-02-2014 #

Before Photo up left from the bench area 04-03-2014 #3Before Photo up from the bench area 04=03-2014 #2 Rake Off Complete 11-03-2014 #1Rake Off Complete 11-03-2014 #

Up left of Bench area before weed killing 08-05-2014 Up from bench area before weed killing 08-05-2014 Top area above bench Before mowing 14-06-2014  Top area above bench after mowing 14-06-2014



above & right of the bench after mowing 14-06-2014  Area above bench after mowing 14-06-2014  George Mowing Weed killed RCG 14-06-2014  Mower Turn Round 14-06-2014

Before photo looking from manhole 04-03-2014 #1  From the manhole 08-03-2014

Before photo towards manhole 04-03-2014 #1  After toward the manhole  08-03-2014

Barrow empty, Rake stooped 09-03-2014 #  Where am I  09-03-2014 #2  Helen & Ian 09-03-2014  Alex - still raking 09-03-2014 #





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