Nest Boxes

The Group makes and fits nest boxes, most of which are conventionally tree-mounted. A number of post-style nest boxes were also made and filled with polystyrene, mainly in the hope of attracting Willow Tits (as they like to create their own holes). Other post-style nest boxes were left empty for Blue Tits and other small birds to fill with their own nesting material.

Each winter our volunteers check, clean out and maintain the nest boxes where necessary. This sometimes includes the addition of metal protection plates where larger birds and predators have enlarged the original hole. So far, for the boxes that haven’t been damaged, we have found that they all contain nesting material from the previous year, which shows that they are well-utilised. This material is removed so that the birds can refill the nest boxes with clean nesting material, as it can become soggy over the winter and can often contain mites which can be harmful, especially for the chicks.

A nest box with a metal protection plate

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