Pond Project 2017

The group highlighted an area of woodland in Plock wood, that could be develop into a seasonal pond.
With discussions with Lindsey Blackstock of Chorley Council, the go ahead was given.
The general idea was to clear the area of trees, dig out the pond, then plant up in and the surrounding banks of the pond.
We started work in August 2017 and hope to be finished by August 2018.

The area in question, is permanently damp and has now 2 inches of water,( 23rd June 2017
) and to three quarters of it’s perimeter has a good rain fall catchment area,
approximately 5 times the area of the pond. The finished pond size will be from 4mtrs
widening to 10mtrs, then widening to 25mtrs, over a total length of 40 mtrs, when full.

The group along with Challenge network YP’s, will carry out the following work in
preparation, from August 2017 to March 2018.
Clear the trees present in the area, Prune other trees to allow more light to the area,
make 2 Habitat piles, 2 x 2 mtrs by 1.5 mtrs high,1 dead hedge 20mtrs long by 1.2mtrs
deep and wide. Coppice some Hazel to allow more light.
Make Hibernacula using some of the felled trees and old flags, concrete products
brought to site by group members, estimated dimensions 6x3x2mtrs,place matting and
cover same with 1 foot of soil.
Plant 10 whips of Alder Buckthorn, Hawthorn, Blackthorn to form hedge 40 feet long.

April to August 2018, dig out the area averaging 40mtrs by 20mtrs, using a hired in
1.5 ton mini excavator with driver, to give various depths ranging from 3 to 9 to 24 to
48 inches deep, when pond is full, making a small island to it’s centre area.
A lined area of 10 x 3 x .75 mtrs will give the pond in this area a depth of 4 feet when
The dug out material will be use to make a banking, which will help to reach out target
depths and once landscape matting is placed over trees and concrete products forming
hibernacula a covering of soil will allow us to sow a native woodland seed mix.
A 10 x 3 metre area at the deepest point will be dug out a further 750mm deep,
with an Underlay & liner fitted, to aid the wildlife in a hot summer.
After clearance and dig out, plant up the pond using some Marginal plants taken from the
previous pond we made in 2011,some 600 yards away and buy in others.
Turn over, prepare banking’s and sow native Hedgerow mix, plant
wildflowers and woodland shrubs & trees to area.

Build in two log benches, made from the trees we fell.

By making the pond we would achieve bringing people together for a project that would
increased wildlife in the area, giving the woodland a much needed source of clean water
and an other peaceful place for members of the public to enjoy,

Click on pictures below to enlarge.

The first pictures below gives us various points of view before work started, as of 7th July 2017.

Below Thursday 17th July 2017, group Member Jean Barlow Poses beautifully for the first work to be carried out on the project, Coppicing Hazel to allow light into the area.

After the first afternoon’s work group members Jean & Ian Minion at the area cleared, I’m behind the camera.

Below the second work afternoon carried out by Group Members Mike Brooks, Jean & Ian & Eddie Langrish. The total volunteers hours to date, including admin now stands at 28 hours.

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