Woodland Thinning

We are working to a management plan (from Bowland Ecology) that was commissioned by Chorley Council, which recommends that as a non-native species, Sycamore trees are removed from our woodland. Ash seedlings are thinned or removed where their development would not enhance the woodland or where there is any indication of Ash dieback.

The Group generally spends time during the Work Days in the winter months removing Sycamore and surplus Ash trees. The wood that is cut down is either burnt or used to create habitat piles, which provide homes and food for the local wildlife.

Habitat pileAn older habitat pile with new cuttings added (December 2020)

Habitat pileNew habitat pile started (December 2020)

Small sycamore tree stumpSycamore tree stump cut during the December 2020 Work Day – now part of habitat pile above

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